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OUR Natural Wine Making Process

Featuring limited production hand crafted wines fermented in the Old-World style using natural yeast.  This natural process allows the authentic character of each varietal's terroir to shine through.

As we are purists, our single varietal wines are never blended, fined, or filtered, allowing a 100% expression of the natural balance, elegance and finesse of each unique vintage.

Paso Robles AVA

We picked the best location to source our grapes. California Central Coast - Paso Robles Region

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Harvested at Peak

During the harvest season Oct-Nov time frame we monitor the Brix index closely to pick the grapes at the right time.

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Single Sourced

Our Grapes are 100% Single Sourced

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Natural Process

Natural yeast fermentation

Final Mix.png

Aged for 3-4 years

Stored in french oak barrels in temperature controlled cellar. Closely monitored for 3-5 years as the wine matures.

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New Vineyard

Dry farmed vineyard located on West Side of

Paso Robles - Willow Creek AVA


Hand Picked Grapes

We take extra care in hand picking our grapes ( vs machine picked) off the vines - resulting in less damage to fruit and keeping the skin intact

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Processed Same Day

Same day farm to Crush

grape crush.png

French Oak Barrels

Fermented Grape Juice is transferred to barrels

2018 CAB Barrel - 1.jpeg

Bottled on Site

Once our winemaker determines the wine quality and it's readiness for production, we bottle and package our product on-site at the vineyard.

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